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  • 1.1. What is the TruCash Prepaid Card?

    The TruCash Prepaid Card is not a credit card. It is a prepaid, stored value payment card. Once funds are deposited on your card, you can make purchases, in-store or online, for goods and services at millions of locations worldwide where Visa® are accepted. (Please note that some internet merchants use fraud protection software that may decline a prepaid card for an online or phone purchase transaction.)

  • 1.2. Where can I use my TruCash Prepaid Card?

    Your TruCash Prepaid Card can be used anywhere that the Visa® acceptance mark is displayed. (Some exceptions may apply. Please check with the merchant before attempting to make a purchase as some merchants do not accept prepaid cards.) If a card is used for a foreign currency transaction, a fee will be charged to convert the transaction into the card’s currency. Please refer to your Terms & Conditions, under the Fees section, for further information.

  • 1.3. What if my TruCash card is lost or stolen?

    Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately by calling TruCash Customer Service at 1-800-624-6171 (Monday - Friday 9am-5pm EST; automated IVR service available 24/7) or via email at service@trucash.com. Lost or stolen Prepaid Cards can also be immediately suspended via the truTap App (Note: the truTap app is not currently available for all programs) Your card can be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged, provided it has been previously registered. Any available balance will be transferred to the replacement card (less a replacement card fee).

  • 1.4. Do I need to activate/register my TruCash Card?

    For activation/registration information, please refer to the instructions on the front of the carrier that came with your card. Card registration/activation varies based on the program. Some cards are pre-registered and others require action on the part of the cardholder. In order to use your TruCash Prepaid Card at an ATM, you must request a PIN.

  • 1.5. Do TruCash cards have an expiry date?

    Yes. TruCash Prepaid Card expires on the last day of the month and year indicated on the front of the card. Certain cards have customized expiry dates – based on their specific programs (See Terms & Conditions)

  • 1.6. Do I need to sign the receipt when purchasing with a TruCash prepaid card?

    Unless you have a card with an EMV chip, you will need to sign the receipt to allow the merchant to compare the signature to the one on the back of the card before processing the payment.

  • 1.7. Can I make a split payment with my TruCash Prepaid Card?

    To make a split payment with your TruCash Prepaid Card, you should let the merchant know in advance that you would like to split the payment and advise the merchant of the amount you would like applied against your card. (Note: some merchants may not allow split payments.) You should be aware of the balance available on the card in advance of making a payment.

  • 1.8. Can I return merchandise purchased using a TruCash Prepaid Card?

    For merchandise returns, you will need to deal directly with the merchant; each merchant has its own return policy. Keep the card and purchase receipts, even after the balance is depleted, as you may be asked to present them in order to process the return. When the merchant’s policy is to credit the card used for purchases (rather than provide cash or a store credit), the available balance on the card will be increased by the amount of the refund (typically within 3 days).

  • 1.9. Can I use my TruCash Prepaid Card at gas station pumps?

    Please refer to Tolerance section (9.1) for further information.

  • 1.10. Can TruCash Prepaid Cards be used at restaurants or salons?

    Please refer to Tolerance section (9.1) for further information.

  • 1.11. Can TruCash Prepaid Cards be used for car rentals, hotels or travel reservations?

    Please refer to Tolerance section (9.1) for further information.

  • 1.12. Can recurring payments be made with a TruCash Prepaid Card?

    No, most TruCash Prepaid Cards cannot be used to make recurring payments.

  • 1.13. How do I check the available balance on my TruCash Card?

    There are several ways to check your balance:

    • 1.14.1. Visit www.trucash.com and log in to your account. Your cash balance is shown at the top of the page.
    • 1.14.2. Call TruCash Customer Service to obtain your card balance.
    • 1.14.3. Call the Automated IVR System (available 24-7) at 1-800-624-6171 (Canada/USA) or 1-905-212-9100 (outside Canada/USA) – a fee may apply.
    • 1.14.4. Download the truTap 2.0 mobile app and log in to check your balance. (Note: the truTap app is not currently available for all programs).
    • 1.14.5. Check your balance (cash balance only) at an ATM that displays the Visa® and Mastercard® acceptance mark (your PIN will be required).Please note that there is a service fee for checking your balance using an ATM. To view applicable fees, visit www.trucash.com, log in to your account and click on Terms & Conditions - Fees & Limits.


  • 2.1. Terms and Conditions

    Every prepaid card has a different set of Terms and Conditions, depending on the program that the card is affiliated with. Terms and Conditions are listed on the back of the carrier that your card was attached to when you received it. If you do not have a copy of that document, please log in to www.trucash.com and click on the Terms and Conditions link.


  • 3.1. What is Shop & Earn?

    Shop & Earn is an affiliate marketing portal that allows our cardholders to collect points on their card. Once you log in to www.trucash.com, select the “Shop and Earn” option from the menu to shop on hundreds of different affiliated merchant sites. You will earn points for all of the purchases that you make via the Shop & Earn portal. Points are redeemable for cash and applied directly to your card.

  • 3.2. Am I eligible to earn points through my TruCash card?

    Most TruCash cards have a points earning system enabled as part of their card program. If you are not sure, please call Customer Service to confirm.

  • 3.3. How do I earn TruCash points?

    You may earn points by logging in to www.trucash.com with your TruCash card number, selecting the “Shop & Earn” option from the menu, and making purchases via one of the available merchant sites. Points earned per dollar vary by merchant. Each merchant description shows the point-per-dollar amount offered.

  • 3.4. How long does it take to receive TruCash Points?

    Depending on the merchant, there may be a delay before your purchase is confirmed and your Reward Points are processed and added to your card. In the meantime, you will receive an email message in your web portal inbox with the number of points earned during each Shop & Earn visit. If your purchase is returned and refunded, your points will be deducted.

  • 3.5. How do I redeem points?

    Points are redeemed at a conversion rate of 550 points per dollar. There are several conversion tiers available. Click on the “Convert Points” option on the menu and you will be directed to the conversion tool. For any other questions or further inquiries, please contact TruCash Customer Service.

  • 3.6. How many points can I earn per transaction?

    A. Points are allocated based on the dollar amount spent on your purchase(s). The number of points/dollar varies depending on the merchant and which products are being purchased. (Note: Points are based on US dollar amount. Purchases made in other currencies will be converted to the equivalent amount in USD.) For any other questions or further inquiries, please contact TruCash Customer Service.

  • Tolerance

  • 9.1. What is tolerance?

    Tolerance is a temporary charge added to your prepaid card when it is used at restaurants, bars, and salons (places that typically have added gratuities for the service received). The tolerance amount could account for up to an additional 20% of your bill. Once the transaction has settled, the tolerance amount is no longer held.

  • 9.2. Where is tolerance included?

    When using your card at certain locations, such as restaurants, hotels, or other venues that often include a tip or surcharge, merchants may add in a tolerance amount – a preauthorization of up to 20% or more - so please ensure you have sufficient funds on the card. Example: If your total bill at a restaurant is $50, the card may be preauthorized for $50 + 20%. Although you will only be charged for the actual total that is signed for, you will need an available balance of at least $60 on the card for the transaction to be approved. If your total, after adding in the tolerance amount, exceeds the balance on the card, the transaction will be declined.

  • 9.3. Can I use my prepaid card to purchase gas?

    When purchasing gas, most gas stations will not allow Prepaid Cards to be used at the pump; payments must be made in-store with the cashier. For any other question or further inquiries, please contact TruCash Customer Service.

  • 9.4. Cash Back (Point of Sale)

    Please be advised that cash back at the Point Of Sale is not available with this card.

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