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Enjoy all the benefits of the award-winning TruCash Visa® prepaid card


Why Choose TruCash Prepaid

Earn Rewards

Shop your favourite brands through our portal to earn points on your card. Once you have enough TruCash Points you can convert them to cash, in your card account. Earn generous rewards on all your online purchases when you shop via trucash.com1.

Use it Anywhere

With the TruCash prepaid card you can easily make purchases at your favourite retailers, both in store and online. Our cards make it easy to withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide2 and make everyday purchases anywhere displaying the Visa® or Visa® brand mark1.

track and manage spending

Consumers can take their TruCash prepaid card to their favourite store or online retailer and use it just like they would a regular credit or debit card. Prepaid cards help consumers control their budgets and avoid interest charges, running up debt and overdraft fees.

Enjoy all the benefits of the award-winning TruCash Visa® prepaid card


Instant smart updates. Advanced Transaction History. User focused-design

TruCash Wallet is the fastest, most convenient and secure way to access your TruCash account on the go. The app puts your prepaid account at your fingertips and allows you to manage payments and rewards in real-time. Featuring a brand-new design, increased security and other top requested features, our award-winning apps just got better.

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Access Your Account, Anywhere

Pay, view, edit, or transfer any time day or night. Access your TruCash prepaid account from your mobile phone, an internet connected computer, tablet or laptop1. We make it easy to manage your money your way. Stuck? Our customer service representatives are available to take your call.